Westminster Abbey and Big Ben

Just some minutes away there is the Westminster Abbey on the right hand side where Kate & Williams got married

and the Big Ben and House of Parliament on the left hand side



From here you can almost see the Themse with the London Eye!

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After crossing St. James Park we directly came to the Horse Guards Parade. Everyday at 11 o'clock you can join the horse parade but since we were too late we didn't see it!


From there you had a nice view at the London Eye

Some streets away there is the Downing Street

Here all the important ministers live:

Downing Street 10: the Prime Minister's official residence 

Downing Street 11: the Chancellor's official residence 

Downing Street 9: the Government's Chief Whip

But as you probably expected you can't walk through the street since it is heavily guarded all day.

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London with all its sights!

We started our London "exploring tour" with the most interesting and popular sights

First, we went to the Buckingham Palace, the home of the queen. Unfortunately, she I didn't see her and she didn't say "HI" to me =(


Afterwards we walked through St. James Park to the Themse.

London really has many parks but they are filled with people as well as pigeons (Tauben) and squirrels which are so tame that you can even touch them. The reason is that they know that the people feed them so most of them are so fat that they can't really move any more and of course climbing up a tree is almost impossible


In the park there was also the princess Diana memorial walk

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One weekend in ...


Please mind the gap! - London's nice underground


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English breakfast ...yammmi =)

Afterwards we went to a restaurant and had our first English breakfast or rather Ann-Sophie had her first traditional English breakfast.

I would say a healthy option to start the day Just as a quick help, you find on this plate: eggs, bacon, a sausage, baked beans, black pudding, a mushroom, a grilled tomato.

Ann-Sophies friend prefered just beans, eggs, toast and bacon.

And of course my breakfast was the most delicious one. I chose egg Benedict: a roll divided in half and each half topped with bacon, an egg and sauce hollondaise.

Since we had the breakfast at 11 in the morning it was ok and especially my dish I would chose again but the others you can't order too early in the morning -  but it was a nice experience!

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Christmas is coming soon ...

Here as promised, pictures of the most gorgeous Christmas window. Sunday morning at 10 o'clock is the perfect time for taking pictures although I was astonished that again so many people gathered in front of it! But at least I was able to take some pictures. However, a movie would have probably been better since everything is moving and you can hear very loud christmas music. So best would be if you start a christmas CD while having a look at the pictures =)





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Blog Number 2 !

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