Edinburgh's Castle

The castle is located on a hill so that you have a nice view from there over the city.

Here is plan how the castle looks from the inside. Since they charge a quite high admission fee we did not enter it but as you can see the castle is quite big!

And like this it looks from down the hill and by night

On the left hand side we had a nice view over the roofs of Edinburgh

Looking down from the other side we even saw the sea since Edinburgh is located at the North Sea


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Daytrip to Edinburgh

Last week the Students Union organised a daytrip to Edinburg.

After a 3 hour bus drive we finally arrived. The only problem was that it was really cold this day but at least it did not rain so that we had the possibility to walk around to see the most interesting attractions.

Edinburgh has some really nice big old houses in the whole city.

This is one of Ediburgh's main streets with many small souvenir shops directly leading to the castle!


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Here are some more expressions from London!

While walking, we saw the m&m World ..a really crazy 3 storey store

The underground station of the Westminster Abbey and the House of Parliament


In addition to all the expensive cars on streets we also saw a Mc Laren

In this store everything was just about Britain =)

Even a "real" guardian was waiting in front of the store

I think I found a car I would like to have soon... a Union Jack Mini !

Another crazy window! I think this is supposed to be christmas decoration or maybe carneval ?!

And of course what mustn't be missing: a red two storey bus without a door in the back


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Remeberance Day

Last weekend at the 11th of November there was the Rememberance Day which is also often called Poppy Day (poppy = Mohnblume). It is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth countries since the end of World War I to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty. Already some weeks beforehand, people start walking around with a poppy on their jacket. In London, there were also several parades. We saw one in the street leading to the Big Ben.

It was like a mass: a priest was talking, on the right sight dressed up soldiers were standing and in front of the memorial relatives that lost a family member in the war were waiting.

Also in front of the Westminster Abbey thousands of Poppys on crosses were stucked into the ground

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Of course, we also saw some shops from the outside as well as the inside! In London, you find many shopping centres like the Harrods


You can stay the whole day in these shopping centres since you just get everything there but most things are quite expensive.

Of course, they also have a Food Hall but you should rather not go there when you are hungry =)

Another cool thing is the personal shopping room ...you sit there and models that have a similar stature come in with the things you are interested to buy. But I think I don't have enough money to be able to get such a personal shopping room

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Piccadilly Circus & Trafalgar Square

Afterwards we continued our "exploring tour" and had a look at Piccadilly Circus.


For Piccadilly Circus it was good that it was already dark but at Trafalgar Square it was difficult to take pictures. I hope you can see at least a bit ..here is the Monument and the National Gallery


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