Party all night!

Yesterday we had our goodbye party because the first students from accadis are going to leave on wednesday. Unfortunately, we had to find out again how horrible the girls here are looking when they go out ...more details when I am back home so I guess we were the most beautiful women in the whole club yesterday =)

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Snow, snow, snow !

Last week we had some snow in Newcastle. Already the second time this winter I think that is already quite often for England. It was snowing the whole day with really proper flakes But on the other day it already started melting so that it is now all gone!

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Even in Newcastle we saw Santa Claus! =)

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Durham christmas market

Also in the UK Christmas is coming closer and also here you find some Christmas markets. The funny thing is that they divde their markets in to German Christmas markets and British Christmas markets you can probably imagine, the German ones are the nicer ones Here they really serve something like Glühwein etc. The funny thing was when I was at the students union to ask whether they arrange a trip to a Christmas market she suddenly got to know that I am from Germany and then she couldn't stop talking about how nice she finds our Christmas markets. She was so fascinated and asked whether I really want to go to a UK Christmas market since I will probably be quite dissapointed afterwards.

However, we decided to go to Durham at Saturday. So we met at the train station ...fully packed and dressed with the warmest clothes we could find =)


And of course an obligatory accessoire in the winter: sunglasses!

As the girl already said you can't compare the markets but it was quite nice but really freezing cold! The only shitty thing was that we did not find a hut that sold crèpes =/ but nice Christmas decoration!

And of course we met some crazy people again but this time please guess what gender this person has?!

Nice isn't it?! We were convinced it is a woman but now I want to dissolve the puzzle: yes, it is a man probably over 70


All Harry Potter fans should remeber this place: It is shown quite often in the movie and you find it behind the cathedral. In the hallway, there were also some Christmas stands



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Our nights out =)

At this evening we were in an Irish pub you probably see because of the guiness in front of us and the guiness poster on the wall Just a quick presentation of the person that were with me: the girl on my left hand side is Ann-Sophie, she also lives with me, on my left hand side my other flatmate, Kris and next to him Bianca, another girl studying with us at accadis!


Last week we went to a pub again. This time I went to Nancys Bordello, a pub very close to the student accomondation, thus, there are always many young people!

Starting from the left side: Steffen, he lives in Bad Orb , Jenny also from accadis, Ann-Sophie again and last but not least its me =)


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Typically Scottish !

Of course, what musn't bee missing in a Scottish city:

After walking just 5 minutes we saw the first bagpipe-player =)

In every souvenir shop you could by the typical Scottish suit

And what is Scottland well-known for, we passed many shops selling whiskey. You even can register for whiskey tastings or visit a whiskey museum!

Like in every British city, also in Edinburgh they had a Christmas market with - as you can see - a big wheel and some huts

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While walking through the city we also saw this church.

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